Aasim Zakrzewski - Age 37 - London

Just when we thought we were ready to close our books for our 2013 Hajj fund raising programme, Allah SWT blessed us with an unexpected last minute donation.

The extra money meant we could send 1 more person to perform Hajj.

Brother Asim was nominated to us (indirectly) by Sheikh Suleman Ghani from the Islam Channel.

Asim is originally from Poland but lives in London. He grew up as a devout Christian who studied the Bible regularly.

He reverted to Islam 3 years ago and since then he's been active in giving Dawah to non Muslims. When brother Asim came to us he had no income and no job. He was also registered with the National Zakat foundation to receive Zakat. Brother Asim showed a huge amount of enthusiasm and persistence in his quest to be chosen to go for Hajj. We orginally had to say no to him due to lack of funding but the last minute donation meant we could take him. Brother Asim is still young and in-sha-Allah he has the rest of his life ahead of him to stabilise his income. On this basis brother Asim promised us if we could help him perform Hajj now then when he gets back onto his feet he will assist us financially to send another person on Hajj sometime in the future. How could we possibley refuse such a fantastic offer? We found a Hajj operator in East London who was kind enough to give us a discounted package price for brother Asim.

Below is a photo of brother Aasim standing in front of the Ka'aba holding a thank you note.

There are also picture of his visa, airline schedule and the Hajj operator who we paid to take brother Aasim