Abu Bakr Winston - Age 60 - London

Being a UK based charity we thought it appropriate that we also help somebody from our own home country to perform Hajj. After searching for a suitable candidate through the British Muslim community, we were finally put in touch with brother Abu Bakr by the National Zakat Foundation.

Abu Bakr is aged 60 from Harlesden. He reverted to Islam in approximately 2008. He lives in council accomodation. He doesn't have any source of income and has no assets of value. At the time of sending him for Hajj he was registered with the National Zakat Foundation to go for Hajj. He has never been married. He was delighted when we broke the news to him that we had selected him to go for Hajj.

We found a reputable UK based Hajj operator who gave us a discounted package price for brother Abu Bakr.

Brother Abu Bakr was delighted when we told him that we had chosen him to go for Hajj. He said that he would make dua that he can find a wife and get married marriage completes half of your deen.

Below is a picture of brother Abu Bakr in Medina. There are also pictures of his Visa, Airline ticket and receipt from the Hajj operator who we paid to take brother Abu Bakr for Hajj