Afusat Aduke Yusuf 56 & Lateef Oladimeji Yusuf 34 From Nigeria.

Afusat works as a petty trader in Nigeria. Her husband is an Imam at the local mosque. Their children had a dream that both of their parents may be able to perform Hajj in their life time. For Afusat's husband this dream came true a few years ago when somebody paid for him to go for Hajj.

For Afusat she carried on dreaming. She even had a passport made with the hope that one day she maybe able to go for Hajj. Her passport unfortunately expired in anticipation.

One of Afusat's sons lives is in the UK. He contacted us in summer 2013 asking us if we might be able to make his mother's dream come true as neither he nor any of his siblings could afford to pay for his mother to perform Hajj or accompany her as her mehram.

We decided that we would do our best to make Afusat's dream come true and Al Ham do lillah Allah SWT created a way for us to make it happen. We paid for Afusat and her mehram (her son Lateef) to perform Hajj together in 2013. We covered all of their costs associated with their trip including the cost of visa, passports, travel and accomodation.