Fulfil the dreams of a poor person and pay for them to go for Hajj. 100% donation policy. We don't take out any admin fees or wages for our work

For peace of mind that your contributions are being spent in the correct manner we provide all donors / contributors with the following:
- Receipt for payment(s)

- Copy of the Hajji's passport
- Copy of the Hajji's visa
- Photos of the Hajji in Mecca / Medina
- Phone number of Hajji (where possible)

Al Hajjaj offers free Hajj and Umrah services to the poor. Although pilgrimage to Mecca to perform Hajj is obligatory for all Muslims, Allah SWT has also stated that Hajj is only obligatory for those who can afford it. None the less millions of poor Muslims around the world have a desire to visit the House of Allah (SWT) to perform their duty as a Muslim. Why should a poor person be denied the right to perform their obligations as a Muslim? We're living at a time where many millions of muslims around the world have been blessed with wealth. We invite these Muslims to contribute towards or pay for their brothers and sisters who are less fortunate to perform Hajj. The majority of scholars have all agreed that any person who qualifies to receive Zakat or Sadaqa can use those funds how they wish for halal purposes such as performing Hajj.

Al Hajjaj carefully interviews and selects people from poor backgrounds from all around the world who have expressed a desire to perform Hajj. Once the appropriate funds have been raised we pay for all of the expenses associated with that person's trip to the house of Allah (SWT). These include airline tickets, costs of getting visas, passports, vaccinations, transportation, food, accommodation, transfers between Mecca and Medina costs of staying in Mina, Qurbani costs and all other small costs that may incur. We even give the poor Hajji's spending money while they are there. We offer a totally free Hajj package to the poor. We have a network of sub agents across the world whose job it is to arrange cheap Hajj packages for the poor people we have chosen to take for Hajj. The money you pass to us is then used to pay for these packages and all other associated costs. Our aim is to make the process totally free for them. Our activities are completely transparent. We provide conclusive evidence that shows how funds are appropriated. This includes photo's of the Haji's in Saudi Arabia and receipts for their Hajj packages. Please view our gallery for some example photographs. Do you want to nominate a poor person for Hajj or do you wish to nominate yourself for Hajj? Contact us and provide us with more information.

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