Hajj Masoud Abdalla - Age 33 from Kenya

Masood works in the General Service Unit in Kenya. The general service unit is another name for the riot police in Kenya. His wages are tiny and barely enough to live on. He is the Imam of the Masjid within the camp that he lives in (see pictures the below). He also helps run a madrassa for 95 students and he acts as the Mudiir (pictured below also). The students come from the camp and also the neighbouring Utawala area. He is also pursuing a degree in Islamic studies in Thika college for Sharia and Islamic studies. This has only been possible thanks to some brothers in Kenya who pay for his education. Attached are some photos of him in front of the Ka'aba. There are aslo photos of his Visa, airline tickets and receipt from the Hajj operator who we paid to take brother Masoud.